Crossword Solver CS - A crossword solver app

Crossword Solver CS

Crossword Solver CS is a crossword solver app for Android phones and tablets!

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Anagram solver mode with missing words
Crossword solver mode with missing words
Crossword Solver CS has a clean and modern user interface


Crossword Solver CS is a crossword and anagram solver app for Android. Features:

  • Crossword and anagram solver for phones and tablets

  • Missing letters word solver

  • Anagram solver, which also supports missing letters

  • Simple user interface

  • Large word list of around 350,000 English words

  • No ads!

Known Issues

  • On Android 4.4 the results panel will occasionally freeze and not respond to scrolling. Tapping the text input box to bring up the keyboard, then tapping elsewhere to close keyboard again, should fix this.


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Help + Instructions

Crossword Solver CS is both a crossword (missing letters) solver and an anagram solver. Both of these modes function in very much the same way. This is how to solve your crosswords:

1 Press either 'Solver' or 'Anagram' to select which mode to use.

Select 'Solver' or 'Anagram' mode

2 Type your clue into the text box below. Use spaces for missing letters!

Type your letters, using spaces for missing letters

3 Press the 'Solve' button, or the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

Press 'Solve' to solve your crossword clue

4 The words matching your letters will be shown below.

Matching words will be shown at the bottom

Contact + Support

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